The Giantera Alliance was founded in 2007 and united a cluster of companies, a long while operating in pharmaceutical and institutional markets of Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States.

Today the Giantera Alliance is a fast-developing structure in pharmaceutical market. The Alliance is notable for its innovative approaches to marketing, distribution and logistics of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products.

There are over 60 employees of Alliance in Russia and over 30 ones in other countries of former USSR.

The Giantera Alliance is an exclusive representative of a number of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, which provides a wide range of services:

• Product promotion on the CIS and Baltic States markets
• Market research
• Product registration
• Marketing strategy development and implementation
• Advertising campaigns in mass media organization and implementation
• Organization of product availability in retail
• Product import and sales

The Alliance’s product portfolio includes OTC medicaments, nutritional supplements, dressings, and medical cosmetics.

The philosophy of our business is based on establishing of long-term partnership with our products suppliers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical and cosmetic retail chains and medical community.

We are sure that by developing of long-term partnership based on mutual respect and trust we are increasing the efficiency of work for every participant of the process.


The Marketing Department of Giantera Alliance provides to manufacturers a wide range of services that includes: market research, forecasts of resources and budget, media planning, cooperation with advertising agencies, placing of advertising material in Mass-Media, organization and holding of conferences, seminars and round-table discussions, participation in exhibitions and presentations, organization and holding of various marketing and sales promotions in pharmacy networks and pharmacies.


The Company has a wide experience in registration of drugs, pharmaceutical cosmetics, medical devices and nutritional supplements. Among other things we can:
• Prepare all the necessary documents to apply for a registration
• Regulate the package of documents in accordance with local laws
• Support throughout all the stages of registration process in licensing authorities
• Adapt the product package and patient information list for local market requirements
• Register the trade mark in patent office
• Perform the custom processing, storage and delivering of trade samples.


Giantera Alliance has five trade channels:

• National and regional distribution wholesaling companies
• Pharmacy retail chains
• National tenders provided by Ministries of Health in Russia, Belarus, Baltic states and also by medical institutions, regional health departments and hospitals
• Retail chains of baby-goods stores
• Supermarkets

• Whole line of transport and customs operations on the territories of Russia, Belarus and Baltic states
• Distribution and delivery services
• Medical representatives

More than 70 well-trained medical representatives work in Giantera Alliance.
Medical representatives are specialized in working with health care institutions, clinics, hospitals and doctors in such spheres as:

• Infectious diseases
• Pediatrics
• Therapeutics
• Gynecology
• Surgery
• Neonatology
• Otolaryngology

Medical representatives in the Alliance deal with sale of:

• Drugs
• Cosmetic
• Pharmaceutical cosmetics
• Medical devices
• Nutritional supplements

Our medical representative’s staff is well optimized and best supplied with all necessary equipment. Regional representatives work in the all population centers of Russia, Belarus and Baltic states.

Phone: +370 (41) 50-27-60

Company Website:http://giantera.ru/