The history of the INABA company began in 1805 with the seafood trade in Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan). Today, INABA produces food for both humans and super-premium cat and dog food, which we have been producing since 1958. Today, our CIAO brand is the No. 1 brand in Japan among wet cat food and treats. INABAs products (more than 1000 SKUs) are manufactured at its own factories in Japan, Thailand and China and are sold to more than 40 countries around the world



143441, Япония, МО, Красногорский р-он 72 км МКАД, п/о Путилково, Гринвуд Бизнес Парк, д.72 км МКАД, стр.19, офис 38

Phone: +7(499)9546368
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