ORIS towbars

ACPS Automotive is the market and technology leader for towbars for passenger cars, SUVs and vans.
Founded in 1955 in Möglingen near Stuttgart, the company generated annual sales of around €260 million in 2019 with around 1,800 employees. ACPS Automotive develops, manufactures and sells its innovative and safe trailer and carrier systems at nine locations in Europe, USA and Mexico under the ORIS brand.
Our target markets are automotive OEMs and end-users as well as companies in the aftermarket, such as garages and dealers.
One of company factories located in Orengurg region of Russia. The plant produces a range of more than 400 towbars for European, Korean, Japanese and Russian cars.
Thanks to location price for the products is eesentially lower than EU analogs while quality of the products is just as high.
That's why ACPS Automotive with ORIS towbars is a market leader in Russia.

ACPS Automotive LLC
Manufacturing plant address: Shosseynaya str 18, Novoorsk, Orengurg region, 462800, Russia
Central stock address: Dorozhnaya str 13A, Staraya Kupavna, Moscow region, 142440, Russia

You can contact us by e-mail: info.novoorsk@acps-automotive.com

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