The life and health of an animal is inextricably linked with the quality of the products offered and is the main criterion for us when compiling our assortment.
We select the best, original and interesting products from a very diverse offer of our partners. In this way, we strive to contribute to raising the level of pet culture in Russia, drawing on the experience of our colleagues from all over the world.
Learn more about our brands:
Mister Pet (Italy) – dry food for cats and dogs:
• Primordial -grain-free food for cats and dogs of the holistic class;
• Vivere - low-grain dog food, super premium class;
• Meglium – dry food for cats and dogs, premium class.
VitaPRO (Italy and Germany) – wet food for cats and dogs;
Vitakraft (Germany) – food and treats for cats, dogs, birds and rodents;
Zhuyka (Belarus, China) – treats for dogs;
Dajana (Czech Republic) – food for fish and rodents;
Savic (Belgium) – cages for birds and rodents, carriers, toilets and other accessories;
Georplast (Italy) – carriers, toilets, bowls, toys;
Ancur (India) – metal bowls, jute and Buffalo leather toys;
Fauna International (Australia) – sun beds, playgrounds, houses for cats and dogs, toys, aquarium plants and decorations;
Nobby (Germany) – bowls, playgrounds, houses for cats and dogs, toys, collars;
Penn-Plax (China) – bird accessories, aquarium plants and decorations;
Eheim (Germany) – unique filtration systems, innovative technical equipment and installations for aquariums;
Juwel (Germany) – premium aquariums of small and medium size.

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