DZOptics is well known in the Chinese machine vision industry for its DZO brand of industrial lenses and is a well-known independent industrial lens manufacturer in China. The core business is the research, design, production and sales of industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, imaging modules and other independent products, and is a technology-oriented professional enterprise.

DZOptics is located in the field of industrial automation, with the sentiment of embracing Industry 4.0, serving the rapidly developing Chinese precision equipment manufacturing industry in all aspects, helping to promote industrial upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, robotics on the job and other new industries to take off.

Standard products
DZOptics already has nearly 10 standard product series, with high-precision lenses as the main focus, which can be used in a wide range of applications such as positioning, identification, inspection and measurement in conjunction with various types of cameras.

Customised business
DZOptics has developed thousands of customised industrial lenses and also provides imaging system solutions. Our design and development team, supply chain system, assembly and testing team are all well equipped for rapid customisation and we believe that customer success is the only value of DZOptics' existence.