This mobile app expands the opportunities of using the Expodat services. It allows visitors to access the items they are interested in: products, services, contacts and other information no matter where they are or what time it is.


After registering and receiving a personal login and password, users are able to access an interactive catalogue.


The catalogue is easy and intuitively understandable to work with. Each item is represented with a picture, a short description and the name and the date of the event at which it was presented.


By clicking on an item, the user is presented with the complete description and characteristics of the item, contacts of the vendor and other useful information. The free Expodat mobile app is an irreplaceable helper for those who treasure their time.


It uses modern mobile technologies to provide you with the information you want at any time and any place.
Upload the Expodat mobile app and use the innovative opportunities for everybody taking part in the events.