ExpoZooUA & AquaTerraShow

ExpoZooUA (expozoo.com.ua) and AquaTerraShow (aquaterrashow.com.ua) are holding in Kyiv (Ukraine). They are international specialized expos of goods and services for pets, grooming, veterinary and modern aquaria, terraria industry, decorative ponds. Оriented on the revival of the market among B2B and B2C segments.
Days of the expos are always full of many activities:
• ExoShow Expo of exotic animals
• International grooming competition «Ukrainian Master Groom» under EGA aegis
• AquaFanKids Kids’ competition of aquarium arrangement
• Fashion show
• DOG PULLER area form COLLAR company
• Veterinary consultations and examination of pets from the best veterinarians
• New dimensions for aquaristics’ development as a new direction in pet business - gastronomy by Inter-Edinstvo Holding, company Triplex
• AngelShow
• AquaQuadroShow
• BettaShow
• DiscusShow
• Expo of armoured catfishes
• Expo of underwater sea world
• KoiExpo.
• NeocaridinaShow
• Biotopes of South-Eastern Asia
• Characidae fish show
• Kids' fun area
• Canis therapy area from COLLAR Company.
• Area of workshops and presentations
• Aqua-design competition in mini-aquariums «Edge».
• Contest in aquariums organization "Miсroaquarium "
• Aqua scape design competition in new Fluval Flex aquariums
• Iwagumi vs Ryoboku competition
• Section of the best Ukrainian fish breeders.
• Seminars, workshops from the well-known headliners
• Dances with dogs
• Expo of guppies and live-bearing fish

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